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Do I need a land survey?

It is best to get a land survey BEFORE a boundary dispute occurs. Before buying or selling a house, building a structure or a fence, or developing any property, it is important to have a land survey completed. This will protect your interests and rights as a property owner. A small investment up front for reliable information regarding your property lines can save you a lot of money and headache in the future. It could be as simple as a fence or as complex as a swimming pool!

What is a surveyor?

Augusta Land Surveying measures land and writes legally accepted descriptions and definitions of property, records their results, verifies the accuracy of data and prepares plots, maps, and reports. These formal land surveys are required in any meaningful real estate property transaction or conversion. Augusta Land Surveying writes descriptions of land for deeds, leases, and other legal documents. The team of professionals at Augusta Land Surveying research legal records, look for evidence of previous boundaries, and analyze data to determine the location of boundary lines.

How long is a survey good for?

Surveys are used in the preparation of legal documents such as deeds, easements, agreements, etc and the results of a survey are often time reflected on a plat or map. These records may transfer land for many years and are often times the only source for finding the true and original location of property corners. This alone assures that surveys are good for a long time if not forever. Many times old plats or maps are used by current surveyors to retrace old boundary lines. Many people will only have their property surveyed once but may refer back to their documents for many years.

How do I choose a surveyor?

As with all other professionals you should hire a surveyor based on their qualifications and their track record. Communication is a must. You should hire someone you are comfortable talking to and that you want to do business with. There are many licensed surveyors in GA, they all passed the same test but their experience and qualifications based on your needs may vary greatly. Always ask for references and examples of their work. Word of mouth is the best indication that you are choosing the right surveyor.

What do I do now that the survey is completed? 

Depending on the reason for the survey you may need to do nothing. If it is for a transfer of property you probably need to get the survey to an attorney to prepare a deed or in some cases it may need to be reviewed by a county or municipal officer in order to verify it meets all applicable zoning, subdivision and any other rules and laws. Your surveyor will help guide you through this process and make sure you have what you need.

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